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ISG Communications covering Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham and across the whole North East

About Us

ISG Communications is a family-established business, operating and servicing in and around the North East of England since 1999.

We are trained to the highest standards in customer service and can deliver the very best performance to meet your needs in either Starlink, TV Reception, Security, Telephone/Broadband, LoRa & LoRaWAN Antenna Installs/Repairs, Data Cabling and Wi-Fi; whether that be in a domestic or commercial capacity.

ISG Communications has a proven track record of effective problem-solving and attention to detail. We take on all types of work, covering simple installations, complex repairs, and larger-scale projects still in their planning stages, right through to their completion. All are carried out to the highest standards and our competitive price structure.

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to always providing a professional and speedy service, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work, equipment or parts used.

Our endeavour is to exceed the expectations of each and every customer or client.

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Aerial & Satellite

Regardless of how much money you decide to spend on purchasing your TV, from £200 to £20,000, it will only ever perform as good as the signal it receives.

Aerials: Whether you are looking to have a new Smart 4K/8K or Digital Terrestrial High-Definition Television Aerial installed to receive Freeview, or you need your existing TV aerial repaired or upgraded, we at ISG Communications use superior products to meet these requirements.

From high-performing aerials to suit various signal strengths in all geographical areas to the best quality fitting materials such as brackets, bolts, masts etc, all are galvanised to drastically reduce any rusting or corrosion over the years. This leads to a longer life span, and, as our aerials are designed to last approximately thirty years, this maintains a cleaner look on your property.

Satellite: ISG Communications specialise in SkyHD & SkyQ dish repairs and installations. When obstacles become a problem such as trees and buildings, we are trained to achieve a line of sight by installing satellite dishes at heights Sky engineers are unable to reach. We can also conceal your satellite dish from view on listed buildings or in conservation areas, without sacrificing on signal quality.

ISG Communications can also supply and fit satellite equipment, to receive all overseas satellite signals within the UK, no matter the circumstances.

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ISG Communications are currently leading the way in installing both the 16lb circular and 9.2lb rectangular Starlink Dishes, from SpaceX, throughout the North East and surrounding areas.

Starlink is a relatively new concept of satellite internet, consisting of a constellation of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellites to provide ultra-fast broadband. Available in Northern England, these dishes achieve download speeds with low latency, unrivalled by any land-wired internet provider.

We have compiled an impressive reputation for installing Starlink on behalf of various businesses, professional gamers, and domestic customers in rural areas, as well as in suburban areas where the land-wired internet speeds are inadequate.

Due to the high cost of Starlink equipment, ISG Communications guarantee that we will only use the very best heavy-duty wall mounts and chimney brackets, rawl bolts and masts etc on your installation. All are galvanised as standard, to ensure long life and maintain a clean look and finish no matter the circumstances.

Starlink Dish

Television Repairs & Installations

Covering firmware updates, circuit protectors, dry joints, complete circuit boards, backlights, or even full-screen replacements, ISG Communications can repair most brand model TVs, including Plasma, LCD & LED.

ISG Communications also stock, sell and deliver a wide range of Smart LED TVs and AV equipment, including but not limited to TOSHIBA, LG, Samsung, Sony HUMAX, and Manhattan.

We can even come out and install any Television or AV equipment you may have already purchased elsewhere, giving you a full demonstration on the use of your new product after installation, and answering any questions you may have about your newly purchased equipment.

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TV & AV Wall Mounting

From plasterboard stud walls to solid walls, ISG Communications are trained to the highest standards when fitting televisions on a wall. We specialise in wall-mounting TVs with no visible cables, giving your television a clean-finished prestige look and making it the focal point of any room.

If hiding the cables is not an option, such as living in a rented property, ISG Communications can offer an alternative to hiding the cables within designer trunking, thus achieving the same overall look.

We can also professionally fit any TV to any wall, leaving the cables for the customer to get creative with and hide themselves if budget is an issue.

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Communal Systems

ISG Communications have installed and maintained Communal TV Systems across the North of England for over 20 years on behalf of various Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Construction Companies and Property Management Companies. We have a vast knowledge and understanding of installing and repairing all grades of communal systems, including MATV, IRS and FIRS.

We at ISG Communications understand the importance to our clients when an already installed system fails and how imperative it is to get that system back up and running within a short period. Therefore, ISG Communications can give priority to all communal system callouts once a job is logged with us, giving a quick response for repairs.

Communal tv wires

Telephone, Broadband & Wi-Fi

When experiencing intermittent connection or loss of speed with either your landline telephone or internet connection, ISG Communications can resolve your problems efficiently and effectively, regardless of who your current provider is and at very competitive rates.

ISG Communications are also at the forefront in boosting Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G signals on secure connectivity around the home and garden for domestic use, and around larger buildings for commercial premises.

Mesh dish


ISG Communications has built up an impressive reputation for installing state-of-the-art Network Security Systems over the past 15 years.

Since CCTV cameras have become a more affordable commodity for securing your property (as opposed to only having a security alarm on your building), ISG Communications has invested heavily in this sector to help customers and clients understand the various options available to them when choosing a Network Security System. Whether it be security cameras, alarm systems or intercom systems, ISG Communications can install them all so that you can monitor and operate them via your smartphone or device, regardless of where in the world you may be.

We stock, supply and install security systems, from the most budget-friendly, to the very best in the industry!

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Local Area Network

Increase HELIUM HNT REWARDS with LoRaWAN Antennas! Range of high gain external LongFi Antenna 4.5 dBi / 6/5 dBi / 8.5dBi / 10dBi – 824-868mhz for European / U.K. use.

Maximize the yield of your Helium hotspots.

With the help of the right Helium antenna, you can measure the range of your Helium miners and thus the yield of your Helium maximize hotspots. Our Helium antennas are compatible with all Helium hotspot providers. Next to the Helium antenna are Helium cables crucial for the yield of your hotspot.

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